A Little About Stephen Kridler

Stephen Kridler grew up in the small fishing and logging town of Gig Harbor WA. Throughout his school years, he was involved in music and sports. In high school he was lead trombonist and student director for the Symphonic Band, and a Varsity wrestler. In addition, he was a competitive speaker, and active in his local community church.

In 1985, Stephen enlisted into the United States Air Force where he started his Law Enforcement career. Some of  Stephen's Air Force highlights included selection for a Presidential Security detail, and selection for a temporary assignment to the Office of Special Investigation as an undercover investigator.

Following the Air Force, Stephen was hired with the Merced County Sheriff Dept. in Merced CA. Stephen quickly earned a spot on the SWAT Team, and soon after was part of team sent to Los Angeles to assist in calming the riots in 1992. 

In 1999, Stephen was hired with the Apache Junction Police Department. Stephens assignments within the AJPD included, Crisis Negotiation Team, Bicycle Patrol, School Resource Officer and General Instructor. After Promoting to Sergeant, Stephen also had assignments in Investigations, Patrol and Training. Stephen took on an additional duty of being named the Apache Junction Police Officer Association President, and sat on the Executive Board for the Fraternal Order of Police Arizona Labor Council. 

Stephen medically retired from AJPD in 2010, after being diagnosed with PTSD following a shooting incident. Following Stephen's PTSD diagnosis, he went through a dark period; Financial problems, self-medicating with alcohol, divorce which lead to a bad decision ending in an arrest for a DUI. This was a wake-up call. Stephen accepted responsibility for his actions and paid the penalties. Stephen learned from his mistakes and has worked very hard to keep from making the same mistakes again. Stephen became a Certified Peer Support, to assist others with PTSD, and now sits on a Non-Profit Board for an organization that aids police officers dealing with PTSD related issues. Stephen also serves his Apache Junction community by serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, and he serves his church by volunteering his time in a leadership role in security. 


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